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The choice is not a simple one, but it is a choice that has to made. Of course, you can gamble at both the land based casinos and at the land based casinos, but as a beginner, it is highly unlikely that you will gamble at both. Your best bet is to start with the online casinos, and see how you like the games in the first place. Then, in time, as you gain expertise in these matters, you will find that the casinos will open up doors for you as you go along, and you will become interested in more and more games, and you will enjoy things that you had never thought of before.

However, a word of warning. The most important thing, whether you are in a land based casino or in one of the online casinos, is to enjoy yourself and to have fun. The path the compulsive gambling is often far too easy for some people. When you stop enjoying yourself, then that is the time to stop. Limit yourself to a budget, and learn to recognize you losing streaks.

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